doomfist for overwatch


probably the most hyped hero since the game was released doom fist has finally come. the Nigerian Talon council member escaped from some prison in numbani  but more impotently he is here.Image result for doomfistimage from Overwatch

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is an online-only multi player first-person shooter video game in development by Bungie and in assistance, Vicarious Visions and High Moon Studios. It will be published by Activision. Available for  PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC. early access will be Available from 08.28 or 28.08 2017Image result for Destiny 2image from Xbox


Tropico 6


coming to ya in 2018 yep 2018 but it looks to be the best game of 2018 and that all we can say





video from Kalypso Media





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