Londons Flaming flat

this is not an act of Terrorism but an accident the say the fire started on the 4th floor blue through the building and raged through the night now the question is it going claps or is the more people inside and how could we stop this in the future. The acting superintendent says she has never Seen anything like it 21-year career. twelve dead

Image result for london fireimage from The Sun

It’s still May

Theresa May has lost the majority in this election and is now making a collaborative government with the DUP. this is not the first time that a combative government has been formed. Image result for theresa mayimage from The Independent

Trump wants to pull out of the climate deal

Donald trump later this day is campaigning to get out of the climate arrangement this means america can pump out gas much green house gases and fossil fuel in to the released into the air with out braking the the deal.

this means the antarctic and antic ice will be melting faster, more tornadoes and and more natural events will occur in time which could mean the end of the Mother Earth.

Chimneys in Tianjin

NHS cyber attack

NHS has had a cyber attack by a group of unknown hacker exposing millions of peoples private details the unknown hacker have said the will be doing it again soon.

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image provided by the Daily exspressImage result for nhs cyber attack

image by the daily mirror

billion barrel field in the Shetland

an estimated billion barrel field 15 billion in oil

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thanks to statoil

Theresa May has actioned article fifty today

this is a historic day for Britain no turning back now 2 years from now we will be saying good by to the EU we will be continuing debates about what we want. probably the EU will just go.

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by the EUreferendumresults

Birmingham flat raid

In Birmingham last night police raided a flat above a strip of shops at about 11 o’clock.  We believe that this raid was linked to yesterday’s terror attack in London. Forensic teams were sent into the flat with armed officers at guard, witnesses said the took things out in boxes.

Witnesses said they were locked out of their properties for more than an hour.  One man said he glanced down seeing armed police and police forcing themselves in to several other properties.  Police where seen taking equipment into the properties.

The car used in the attack in London, was bought or hired from Birmingham and we will keep you posted on this news.

Map showing raid location

this is a picture of what was happening

Hagley Road

thanks to the BBC

US billionaire David Rockefeller dies at 101

David Rockefeller

US billionaire David Rockefeller dies at the age of 101 dies in his peaceful sleep in his home in new York he died with heart failure. his grandson was the co founder of standard oil.

his fortune of 3.3 billion I believe will be split between his 6 children

George Osborne defends his editing job

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May Triggers Article 50 Next Week

prime minster Theresa May actions article fifty next week, yes the Torys kept a promise for once  yes I know what your thinking. there will be more on this but their is not much else we can say.Related image

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