California Death toll rises

forty people have died in the California wildfires after six days of fires. California’s governor declared it was “one of the greatest tragedies”. ten thousand plus firefighters are still battling 16 remaining flames.Image result for California wildfire

Example of those worst-affected zones is the city of Santa Rosa.



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Las Vegas shooting

Police are searching for the motive of the Las Vegas shooter. at least 59 people have been killed and 527 have been injured. Stephen Paddock the gunman opened fire from the 32nd story of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Image result for Las Vegas shooting

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Catalonia votes yes

the Catalonian people have voted to leave Spain despite Spanish Riot police removing the ballot boxes from polling stations and hitting the public. Image result for catalonia riot

it is not expected that The Spanish government will recognize what the Spanish government call “the Ilegal referendum” the Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont says the Spanish region has won the right to statehood


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​Merkel wins fourth term

Angela Merkel has been re-elected for a fourth term while nationalists have made a historic swell in federal elections.  ​the current coalition partner, the social democratic SPD, says it will go into opposition after historic losses.

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Tube attack

a hunt has started to find the man or woman behind Fridays Tube attack.

Police said they were tracking down suspects and had numbers of officers dragging through CCTV in the wake of the attack, which wounded 29.

The U.K terror warning has been raised to critical, meaning an attack is presumed to happen. Image result for tube attack london 2017image from NY Daily News

U.S national debt surpasses $20 trillion

the U.s debt has surpassed 20 trillion $ and that’s something to be worried about. f For the first time in its history the US government has more than $20 trillion in debt the “achievement” was really hit on Friday but we are just reporting on it now.


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Hurricane Irma hits Cuba

Hurricane Irma is devastating  Cuba with wild winds and strenuous rain after devastating various Caribbean islands. The storm made landfall on the Camaguey Archipelago But the Bahamas have been spared after Irma switched track but will hit Florida. Image result for Hurricane Irma hits Cubaimage from Sky News

Hurricane Irma destroys the Caribbean

Hurricane Irma is currently annihilating the Caribbean here is the

current radar loop.

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7.8 BN for recovery

Donald trump is has asked Congress for $7.8bn to help recovery efforts in texas and Louisiana. some residents have been allowed to go back to their Homes however it is not expected that any more shall be allowed to return. Mr Trump is to visit Texas for an another time on Saturday.  Image result for texas floodimage from

missile over northern Japan

north Korea has fired a missile over northern Japan. the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called an “unprecedented” threat to his country. the missile launched early on Tuesday (NKT) north Korea time. The UN Security Council is expected to hold an emergency meeting. Image result for North Korea fires missile over Japan


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