Brexit deal will damage UK economy (go figure)

The U.K economy is predicted to grow slowly when the Brexit deal is struck, buzz feed analysis has found growth across the next 15 years could be up to 8% weaker than if the UK stayed in the EU.Image result for Brexit deal will damage UK economy

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One year of Trump

well, that went fast Trump has passed a year in office well no one could have guessed that. Trump has and is the most controversial president in the history of the united states from directly attacking Bashar al-Assad (Syrian president) to locking down the borders that were his first year. Image result for One year of Trumpimage from

Greening’s gone

Justine Greening has quit the government after protesting a job as work and pensions secretary in Theresa May’s cabinet. She has been replaced with Damian Hinds, while Esther McVey has been promoted to be the work and pensions secretary.

“WHAT GREAT CHOICE’S!!”Image result for Justine Greening resigns from government









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Happy new Year

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spain is defeated

Catalonia’s sacked separatist leader, Carles Puigdemont, has reported that the Spanish state has been thrown in a snap regional election. Conversing in Brussels where he is in self-imposed expulsion, Mr Puigdemont hailed the result as a triumph for the Catalan Republic.Image result for Catalonia election: Puigdemont hails 'defeat' for Spanish stateimage from Evening Standard

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defence treaty with Poland

Brexit will intensify not dilute the UK’s relations with Poland, Theresa May is to order on a stay at Warsaw – where she will declare plans for enhanced defense and protection co-operation.

Poland will still “matter considerably” to the UK after it issues the EU, she will say, mentioning shared history and values.Image result for defence treaty with Polandimage from

discuss end deal with ministers

Theresa May is expected to assemble her Brexit cabinet concerning a dozen of her several senior ministers to address for the first time what the UK’s ultimate connection with the EU should be.Image result for Brexit: Theresa May to discuss end deal with ministers

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sweeping changes to the Tax rate

US Republicans from the houses of Congress have announced their joint bill for the greatest overhaul of the nation’s tax system in 30 years.

The program brings the US corporate tax rate down to 21% from the current 35%.

The top personal income tax drops to 37% from 39.6%.Image result for sweeping changes to the Tax rate in usaimage from The Daily Star


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Brexit Fears grow

early all the possible trading relationships between Britain and the European Union following Brexit would be less favourable than staying in the European Union, according to the influential US think tank.

The Rand Corporation study said the worst option would be a “no deal”.

That would leave the UK economy 4.9% poorer by 2029. Image result for british and american flagimage from Wikimedia Commons

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Jerusalem move under sege

Arab leaders maintain that Donald Trump’s acknowledgement of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital risks diving the Middle East into violence and turmoil.

The transit ended US impartiality on one of the region’s most high-strung issues.

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